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      Talent strategy

      The competition among modern science technology enterprises is the competition of products, science technology, ultimately the competition of talent creativity energy power.
      The company sincerely faces employees partners, insists on respecting, understing cultivating people. We will establish an employment mechanism that makes the best of people, talents enterprises' self-discipline, constantly improve the level of human resource management. We should tap the potential of our employees internally, actively introduce talents abroad, optimize the personnel structure human resource allocation.
      We continue to strengthen the training management system of basic quality, professional skills management ability, strive to an "open, fair just" working environment career platform. Staff development enterprise development are synonized to realize their own value in the development. Ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become excellent people, a steady stream of people realize their life dreams here.
      Respect human value infinite development space
      Develop people's potential establish a new type of learning
      Organizations rely on human development to share the company's bright future
      Sublimation of human mind construction of excellent corporate culture

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