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      Social Recruitment

      Please send the attachment of application resume directly to the email of Human Resources Department of Lianming power company: tengfeng@lianming-power.com. Please indicate the position you are applying for in your resume.

      LED R & D Engineer

      Recruitment target: LED R & D Engineer

      Number of recruiters: 2

      Place of work: Shenzhen

      Salary: face to face

      Released on: September 29, 2015

      Term of validity: long term

      Recruitment requirements: have experience in application development of LED products, be familiar with market trends dems of LED products, be able to design develop according to product acteristics, follow up improve production process. Fully responsible for the research development of various LED application lamps of the company, the company will provide a broad development platform to show the space of self talent.

      1. 3-5 years or above of LED power R & D design experience

      2. Proficient in LED drive power scheme, able to independently complete LED power project

      3. Preferential treatment.